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Cross Country Team

The Sierramont Cross-Country program has developed and grown over the last eight years.  Our team is made up of students from sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Cross country is an unusual sport in that it is both individual and team-based. The goal of the runners is to improve their own race times while also scoring points for the team. Most of the race courses where we compete are 2 to 2.5 miles in distance, including dirt trails and hills. Besides being a great sport to help students get in shape, cross country is also fun and social. Runners associate with students from all grades and get to know each other outside of class time.


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 Date Opponent Location
 9/13 Wednesday
Many Schools
277 Mahoney Dr, San Jose, CA 95127
 Many School
Lee Matheson
 2050 Kammerer Ave, San Jose, CA
 9/20 Wednesday
Many Schools
Montgomery Hill
Evergreen Valley Junior College
Piedmont, Orchard, Matheson, Sheppard
 North Division Finals
Montgomery Hill 3:45
Section Finals
Xmas Park 3:45