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Visit from Eddie Gale

On February 16th, SMS student, Tionee Funk was presented with a trumpet from the San Jose Jazz embassador, Eddie Gale.  Mr. Gale is a world famous trumpeter and music composer. He has teamed with the United Peace Relief organization to present 100 trumpets to students all across San Jose.  For more, check out Mr. Gale's website.
I was hoping we can present the Trumpet to Tionee at school on Friday 2/16.
I have that day off work and Mr. Eddie Gale is also confirmed to present that day with the Youth Jazz organization representative and his spouse Mrs. Gale.
I have also informed her private teacher so he can attend.
All we need is your approval for that Friday 2/16.
It would be great to present it in her band class.
It's about 30 min presentation.

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