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Mission Statement

Sierramont Middle School will ensure that ALL students have the skills necessary to reach high levels of academic achievement, respect self and others, and become lifelong learners.

Sierramont Middle School believes that:
  • Our diversity is our strength.
  • Taking responsibility for our actions is essential.
  • Beliefs and actions must be aligned.
  • Every individual has intrinsic worth.
  • Listening to all community voices unites us.
  • All children have the right to a safe, nurturing learning environment.
  • All staff must be committed to a quality education and academic excellence for all students.
  • All children must have the opportunity to gain knowledge from challenging academic subjects enhancing their ability to think

Sierramont Middle School Parameters:
  • We will make decisions based on the perspectives of all voices in the community.
  • We expect excellence in both teaching and learning.
  • We will support new programs only when they are implemented with effective staff development and adequate funding.
  • We will never give up on a child.
  • We will be explicit about our academic expectations for students.
  • We will foster civility, ethics and character development for each student